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"It's important to ensure parents of premature babies are well informed about bronchiolitis and RSV and the practical steps that they can take to reduce the chances of their babies getting an infection, particularly during the winter months. Coughs, colds and sniffles affect all babies, however babies born prematurely are at greater risk of RSV."

Debbie Bezalel – Head of Services, Bliss

British Lung Foundation

"As a mother, I know how frightening it can be to take your child to hospital, especially in their first year of life when they are so small and vulnerable. Yet each year in the UK, this is an ordeal experienced over 30,000 times by parents of babies who have caught bronchiolitis. The good news is that there are simple steps anyone who looks after a child can take to minimise their child's risk of infection, and it is this positive message that I hope people will take from the More Than a Cold campaign." 

Dr Penny Woods, Chief Executive, British Lung Foundation

Tiny Life

"The vulnerability and weak immune system of premature babies makes them very susceptible to the RSV virus which is the main cause of Bronchiolitis. Although it is impossible to prevent this virus, parents of premature and sick babies will benefit from having a greater understanding of the condition and their role in helping to prevent the spread of infection."

Alison McNulty, Chief Executive, TinyLife - the prematurity charity for Northern Ireland


It is vital that parents and carers know more about bronchiolitis and the virus that causes it. They need to be aware of the practical steps that can be taken to protect their babies, particularly those born prematurely, susceptible to respiratory illness, or more vulnerable because of other serious illnesses or complex health conditions. WellChild supports this important campaign which aims to make information about bronchiolitis available to all parents across the UK.

Linda Partridge, Director of Programmes, WellChild


"Bronchiolitis affects many babies every year but often parents haven't heard of it so an awareness campaign is long overdue.  Although thankfully in the vast majority of cases the consequences are not life threatening, premature and other vulnerable babies can be severely affected, so it's especially important these parents have a greater understanding of it."

Keith Reed, Chief Executive, Twins and Multiple Births Association

Tiny Tickers

"Babies born with congenital heart defects are more susceptible to severe bronchiolitis, and more likely to be hospitalised by it. Some of these babies will be facing open heart surgery in their early months and years, and it is vital they are as physically strong as they can be so surgery can be performed at the optimum time for them and has the greatest chance of success.

It's really important that parents have a better understanding of bronchiolitis, and what practical steps can be taken to lessen the chances of vulnerable babies getting it - so we're fully behind the More Than A Cold campaign to spread awareness."

Jon Arnold, Chief Executive, Tiny Tickers


“Parents need access to clear, practical information to help them reduce the risks of their child developing infections such as colds and help prevent passing them onto other vulnerable babies and young children. It’s really important that they know when a child is able to cope and when they need to see a doctor.”

Elizabeth Duff, Senior Policy Advisor, NCT