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Baby Michael & Baby Edward

In most cases bronchiolitis is not a severe illness however some babies will need hospital care.  These are the stories of parents whose children have had severe cases of bronchiolitis.  They have chosen to share their story to help other parents understand more about bronchiolitis and how serious it can sometimes be.


Alison and Graham have 21 month old twin boys, Michael and Edward, who were born at 36 weeks and five days. They were six months old when they were first affected by bronchiolitis and were both admitted to hospital where they tested positive for RSV.

Alison first went to the doctor's because the twins had trouble breathing. She was told that there was nothing that she could do but wait and see whether they could cope on their own. She was also told to look out for certain symptoms such as body lurching. The twins started to exhibit some of the symptoms, including ribs showing when they breathed, very fast breathing, and significantly reduced feeding, and so Alison and Graham took them to the GP and to hospital, each on more than one occasion, but were always told to go home as they were just about coping without the need for intervention. When the twins were eventually admitted to hospital a few days later, they were very poorly and needed oxygen and feeding tubes. Michael was in hospital for 11 days and Edward was in for five.

"The time that they were in hospital was very hard as was the period leading up to that. It was almost a relief when they were admitted in to hospital as before that it felt like a waiting game; waiting for them to get to the point where they needed more help than we could give them at home."

"As both twins were in at the same time, it was not easy. We also have a three year old and no family living nearby, which made it very difficult having two babies in hospital and a little girl at home."

Both twins continue to have poorly chests, but Michael copes less well than Edward. He has been continually in and out of hospital and has respiratory problems. Last winter, he was admitted to hospital 12 times, staying for two to four days at a time. He now has medication but he has already started getting ill again this winter and has been admitted to hospital once so far, but Alison and Graham fear that this may not be a one off.

"We had not heard of bronchiolitis before we went to the GP and we were then referred to the More Than a Cold website."

"Now that we are aware of bronchiolitis, we realise that it affects a lot of people. It is still affecting us now as both boys continue to have bad chests. We have been warned that this winter is likely to bring further difficulties, but hopefully as the boys get older they will get stronger."

In most cases bronchiolitis is not a severe illness.  This is a story of a parent whose child has had a severe case of bronchiolitis.  They have chosen to share their story to help other parents understand more about bronchiolitis and how serious it can sometimes be.


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