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Which babies are at risk of bronchiolitis?

Who is most at risk?

Around 30,000 infants are admitted to hospital in England each year with bronchiolitis, it is the most common reason for infant hospitalisation.  While bronchiolitis symptoms are usually mild and only last for a few days, some babies are at higher risk of developing severe bronchiolitis.  Your baby is at greater risk if he or she was born prematurely (babies born at less than 37 weeks), if your baby was born with a heart or lung condition or has another immunodeficiency condition.  In some cases, babies with a high risk of developing severe bronchiolitis may be offered an immunisation, your paediatrician or neonatologist can give you further information and advice.

Premature babies

Premature babies are more at risk because they have less mature immune systems and their lungs and airways are not fully developed, making them more susceptive to lower respiratory tract infections (LRTIs).

Babies with heart, lung or other conditions

There are several factors which increase the risk of severe illness in children with bronchiolitis including having congenital heart disease, chronic lung disease, neuromuscular disorders and immunodeficiency. If you are concerned about your baby’s health please speak to your doctors. 

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