Bronchiolitis Symptoms

What Are The Symptoms Of Bronchiolitis?

The early symptoms of bronchiolitis can be very like a common cold - the first symptom is often a blocked or runny nose, which is sometimes accompanied by a cough or slightly high temperature (a normal temperature is 36-36.8°C or 96.8-98.2°F).

These symptoms are likely to get slightly worse during the first three days, then gradually start to improve.  Most cases of bronchiolitis are not serious, but these relatively mild earlier symptoms can become more severe, so it is very important to regularly monitor your child and look out for any significant changes to their symptoms (see below).

When Should I Seek Medical Advice?

Babies who may have a more severe case of bronchiolitis usually exhibit four specific symptoms, the most significant of which is a distinctive rasping cough.

  • Fast breathing: shallow, quick breaths not taking in much air
  • Appetite: inability to feed
  • Cough: distinctive rasping
  • Temperature: high temperature will usually accompany cold-like symptoms of a runny nose

If your baby exhibits all of these symptoms, seek medical attention from a healthcare professional.

In a small number of severe cases, your baby's tongue and lips may turn 'blue' in colour. If this happens, take your baby to A&E or call for an ambulance immediately.

Severe symptoms typically last for two to three days, then gradually ease and resolve within one to two weeks. In many cases, the condition can be treated without having to go to hospital, but severe cases may require hospitalisation.

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Babies who may have a more severe case of bronchiolitis usually exhibit four specific symptoms.

Fast breathing

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